Ceramic Paint Protection

We have a large range of coating options for the exterior and interior of your vehicle from our two main offerings IGL Coatings (Master Certified) and Ceramic Seal.

Why should you look at getting your vehicle ceramic coated?
- Protection from etching, bird/bat droppings, tree sap and fallout
- Protection from paint fade and oxidisation caused by UV and the elements.
- Keeps your vehicle cleaner for much longer with its self cleaning ability
- That fresh waxed look that lasts years
- Awesome water repellent properties

What can you get ceramic coated?
- Painted Panels
- Wheels and Calipers
- Paint Protection Film (PPF)
- Vinyl Wraps and Signage
- Glass
- Exterior Plastic Trims
- Leather
- Fabric

IGL Certified Master Applicator

As a IGL Certified Detailer we have access to all the IGL premium coatings range, IGL Coatings are manufactures of a range of premium ISO Quality Certified products that provide a complete protection solution for any automotive applications inside and out ensuring that your valued assets maintain their value as well as provide you with years of pleasant ownership in the way of ease of maintenance and washing!

With the base pricing below you can benefit from a number of different IGL coatings covering 2, 3 & 5 year durability, You can also request additional layers providing even more durably and depth in your automotive paintwork.

Already have a IGL Coated Vehicle?
If you already have a IGL Coated Vehicle from another approved detailer, We can perform your bi-annual warranty service and inspection.

Looking to move away from Canberra but worried about your warranty?
If you got a IGL Coating from us and decided to move away from Canberra, Just jump online to the IGL Coating Australia Website and look for your nearest approved IGL detailer and continue to benefit from the IGL backed warranty!

IGL Coatings have Certified Detailers across most of Australia's Major Cities!

IGL Coatings Australia website is below if you wish to buy some IGL Products for self maintance or wish to read up in more detail about their coating offerings:

IGL Coatings Australia Premium Car Care Products

IGL Quartz Ceramic Paint Protection (2 years warranty)

Ecocoat Quartz is a REACH compliant low VOC high solid ceramic coating which is synthetised with IGL Coatings proprietary modified active material, carrier, and nanotechnology to be free from any carcinogenic chemicals. The result is an increase in the paint’s reflectivity and resistance against harsh chemicals, micro marring, and dullness that last up to 2 years.

- Sedan/Coupe/Hatch $799*
- SUV/4WD $999*

*Included complimentary 3 hours paint correction if required.

IGL Quartz+ Ceramic Paint Protection (3 years warranty)

Ecocoat Quartz+ is a hybrid 9H rated dual system ceramic coating that combines two ceramic coatings with different attributes to provide the ultimate layer of protection and an excellent finish for almost all types of paint surfaces.

Reinforced with graphene nanoplatelets, the new and improved Ecocoat Quartz+ has enhanced durability of up to 4 years, upgraded hydrophobicity, increased water spot & chemical resistance, improved slip for efficient cleaning, and superb clarity & gloss. It is also fully compliant with Import Regulations.
approved by TSCA(USA), AICS(Australia), ECHA (EU), KECL (South Korea).

- Sedan/Coupe/Hatch $849*
- SUV/4WD $1149*

*Included complimentary 3 hours paint correction if required.

IGL Kenzo Graphene reinforced Ceramic Paint Protection (5 years warranty)

Ecocoat Kenzo is IGL flagship REACH compliant ceramic coating which pioneered the 100% active material formulation for ceramic coatings.

Synthesised using the latest nanotechnology and graphene nano-platelets, the new and improved Graphene Reinforced Ecocoat Kenzo has an increased durability of up to 5 years and a higher resistance to water-spots.

Ecocoat Kenzo's unmatched clarity and gloss radiates a rich and natural glow reminiscence of bespoke wax and its thick 10H hardness layer protects 12 times longer than waxes.

- Sedan/Coupe/Hatch $1099*
- SUV/4WD $1299*

*Included complimentary 3 hours paint correction if required.

IGL Complete Car Protection Inside and Out Bundle

Grab a huge savings with this complete IGL protection package including: 

- IGL Kenzo Graphene reinforced ceramic paint protection (5 Years warranty) 
- IGL Window coating 
- IGL Wheel coating 
- IGL Leather coating 
- IGL Fabric coating 
- IGL Plastic coating 
- IGL Headlight coating 
- IGL Soft top coating (if applicable)

- Sedan/Coupe/Hatch $2,000
- SUV/4WD $2,250

Please Note: Interior Detail not included, $230 to include this.

IGL Protection Interior Extras

- IGL Ecocoat Leather from $400 - $450
- IGL Ecocoat Fabric from $200 - $300
- IGL Ecocoat Dash at $100

Please Note: An appropriate Interior Detail may be required prior to requesting any of the above options.

IGL Protection Exterior Extras

- IGL Ecocoat Headlight from $100
- IGL Ecocoat Wheel $250 - $400
- IGL Ecocoat Trim from $100
- IGL Ecocoat Window from $250

Please Note: An appropriate Exterior Detail may be required prior to requesting any of the above options.

Ceramic Seal Approved Applicators

As an Approved Applicator of the Ceramic Seal paint protection system you can take advantage of a 3 year limited warranty backed by us!

While the Ceramic Seal Kit is a DIY kit we understand that some people may not be confident in applying a Ceramic Paint Protection and his is were we come, We have a number of years of experience and knowledge to ensure this product last the hard yards.

Ceramic Seal – DIY Nano Ceramic Coatings

Ceramic Seal FX-5 2.0 (3 years warranty)

Ceramic Seal FX-5 2.0 is a nano-ceramic coating that creates a layer of protection to the vehicle’s surface.

FX-5 2.0 coated surfaces become super-hydrophobic, resulting in a ‘self cleaning’ effect. Your vehicle will be easier to wash, dry and will stay cleaner for longer!

- Sedan/Coupe/Hatch 
- SUV/4WD $1099*

*Included complimentary 3 hours paint correction if required.