Residential and Industrial Coatings

As a Certified Master Applicator for IGL Coatings we can offer a range of options to protect your assets.

Why IGL Coatings for you Home or Business?

IGL Coatings offers a range of products designed for Industrial, commercial and residential applications for a variety of surfaces and substrates.

These coatings are designed to protect the surface from elements and chemicals as well as considerably reduce downtime in cleaning and maintenance.

Coatings such as IGL Eclipse and IGL Ageis have been proven worldwide in a range of applications from protecting stone bathrooms and kitchens in multimillion-dollar homes to protecting heavy machinery in building and mining applications.

Shower Glass Ceramic Coated

Residential Coatings

For residential environments we offer a few different IGL Ecocoat coatings depending on the application, they has been developed to handle the most demanding residential applications involving harsh household chemicals, stains, spills and high temperatures.

Some example uses in Home application such as ceramic protection of kitchen/bathroom benches (both stone and laminate) as well as appliances, sinks, stainless steel, glass/Mirrors, stone and tiles.

Residential Coating Pricing

Kitchen or Bathroom Surfaces - From $50 Per Square Metre

Areas of Focus:
- Benches/
Cabinets (Stone, Laminate, Wood etc..)
- Sinks (Stainless Steel, Stone etc.)
- Glass/Mirrors
- Kitchen Appliances

Other Coating options Available:
- IGL Fabric Coating for Rugs, Couches and other fabrics by quote.

- IGL Leather Coating for Leather couches and surfaces by quote.

- IGL BBQ Coating high temperature for BBQ, Ovens, Stovetops from $300.

Please Note: Application only (New kitchens or already professionally cleaned)

Commercial and Industrial Coatings

For Commercial & Industrial environments we offer a few different IGL coatings, they have been developed to handle the most extremely demanding industrial applications involving hazardous chemicals, oil & gas, and cement that requires good releasing property and chemical agent resistance.

Good adhesion on a wide range of substrates such as steel, wood, glass, alloy, metals and concrete.

Coatings on offer:
> IGL Eclipse Ceramic Coating
> IGL Ageis 2K Clearcoat
> IGL Titan Self Disinfecting Coating

Some example of usage:
- Excavators
- Agricultural Machines
- Buses
- Locomotives
- Plant Equipment
Plus more!

Commercial and Industrial Coating Pricing

From $50 to $150 Per Square Metre depending on the coating and location.

> Underbody Anti-Corrosion Coating* from $1,300 (Product Info)
* IGL Ageis Coating with a 7 year Marine / 15 Year Non Marine lifespan.

> IGL Titan Self Disinfecting Coating* from $25 Pre Square Metre (Product Info)
* IGL Titan Coating can last up to a 1 year on surfaces.

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